Original Glazed

Classic glazed artisan donut.

powdered sugar

Artisan donut coated with a layer of sweet powdered sugar.


Vanilla glazed artisan donut topped with rainbow sprinkles.

jelly filled

Artisan glazed donut with strawberry preserves inside.

chocolate custard

Chocolate glazed artisan donut with chocolate custard filling.

chocolate glazed

Artisan donut with chocolate glaze on top.



Artisan donut with strawberry icing and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

custard filled

Vanilla glazed artisan donut with a sweet custard filling.

cake  batter

Vanilla glazed artisan donut with cake batter filling topped with cake batter icing and rainbow sprinkles.

fruity pebbles

Glazed artisan donut covered in fruity pebbles.

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