As of 2015, there were roughly 15,803 food banks in the United States; 72% of those food banks do not feel as though they were able to adequately meet the needs of their communities. This pressing issue is the reason why the Retro Donut Company was born. Here at RDC, we sell unique artisan donuts through three channels of distribution: Retro Donut Shoppe, the walk-up window; Retro Wheels, the food truck; and Retro To-Go, the catering and online delivery business. Our products consist of artisan donuts for you to pick up, specialty donuts that can be personalized at your request, and iced or hot lattes. We also have RDC merchandise that is available for purchase. Here at RDC, we make daily and monthly donations to food banks (see the "giving back" page). Through our charitable outreach program, not only are we able to provide for food banks in need, and make a dent in the hunger crisis, but we are also able to provide fresh, artisan donuts to the world.


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